What Streamcraft offers you as a content creator:

StreamCraft Partner

As an official StreamCraft Parter we will be responsible for your management. We keep you focus on what you do best! We negotiate brand deals, sponsorships and help you with various things. Being a StreamCraft Partner is an exclusive contract.

StreamCraft Verified

Sign up for free! If you have what it takes, we include you in our growing StreamCraft portfolio of Content Creators. No contract needed – if we see a fit for a campaign, we will approach you. No stringt attached.

We're bringing brands and content creators together. Our goal is to create long-term relationships between CONTENT, CREATOR, BRAND & StreamCraft!

What StreamCraft offers you:


Get serious offers for brand placements.


Work with high profile brands.


Transparent & fair compensation.

We're your partner

Leave it to us. We manage Brand Relations, Management and Negotiations.

We verify!

No strings attached. Get verified just in case.


Authentic campaign selection. As insiders, we know what works.

Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and more!

No matter which platform you’re active – we’re happy if you are! You as a Content Creator knows best how to engange and communicate to your audience.

Whether it be Gaming, Food, Art or Just Chatting…

We’re not excluding anyone and love to work with Creators of many interests.

You’re live on Twitch & YouTube? That’s great! For a holistic marketing campaign this could be of an advantage.