Shroud was up until recently using the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headphones during his long streaming binges.

But recently after switching to Mixer, you can now see him using the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset (with Blue VO!CE Technology). He doesn’t use the mic for it however, since he’s got a higher quality, external one (more on that below).


Sticking with his HyperX Sponsorship theme, Shroud is currently using the HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard.


For serious gamers, 240Hz monitors are the way to go these days – and with Shroud being one of the most competitive streamers on Twitch, then you know he’s got some of the best gaming equipment.

Shroud’s monitor is the BenQ ZOWIE eSports Gaming Monitor. Giving him silky smooth visuals while dropping in Sanhok with half the lobby full of stream snipers on his tail.


For someone like Shroud with a soothingly deep voice, you want a mic that can pick up and accentuate every detail of your voice when talking with your stream.

For that, Shroud uses the highly popular Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone (Cardioid).

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You see a lot of top streamers these days using some sort DSLR or ultra HD webcam for their streaming cam, but Shroud, in all his modesty keeps things simple.

Shroud’s currently using the ever popular Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 for his streams, alongside the Sony Alpha A6000 for multiple webcam sources.

Proving that it’s not all about which webcam you use when it comes to growing your stream.


Like most pro gamers, Shroud is using a massive mouse pad to give him enough space to move his mouse with such a low sensitivity.

The mouse pad Shroud is currently using is the HyperX FURY S – Pro Gaming Mouse Pad, and he’s got the X-Large version.


For top of the line streaming and gaming performance, Shroud is using the ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080TI Overclocked 11G Graphics card.

When you game as much as Shroud does, then having the best graphics card available is the only option.

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If you have any experience streaming with capture cards, then you know a lot of the options out there aren’t too reliable or consistent.

About a year ago, Shroud switched to the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2 Full HD 1080p 60 capture card and everything seems to be working out smoothly now.

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