Our Mission: We want to be the leading influencer marketing agency focussed on streaming.

Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience

Reach your desired audience – Tell your stories.

Streamer Marketing

Streamer Marketing

We offer targeted streamer marketing at an increasing scale

Engaging Content

Engaging Content

We help you reach your audience directly, with content that will engage them. 

With StreamCraft you can take your social media campaigns to the next level by hiring one of our curated content creators!

This is how we work:

1. Industry & Brand Strategy0%

2. Creative Brainstorming0%

3. Campaign Design & KPI Definition0%

4. Streamer Screening & Selection0%

5. Client’s Feedback & Confirmation0%

6. Content Briefing & Scheduling0%

7. Campaign Execution0%

8. Reporting & Implications0%

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